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Wire Supervision Tests

Please Note: Adopted standards vary from province to province. Please refer to adopted standards within your province.

CAN/ULC S536-13 Standard for Inspection and Testing.

Definition of Data Communication Link

3.14 - DATA COMMUNICATION LINK (DCL)  - The data channel between the central processing unit (CPU) and the transpondersannunciatorsactive field devices and supporting field devices of a distributed type control unit or a remote receiving equipment control unit.

6.4.1 - Each annunciator required by the National Building Code of Canada, including each sequential display, where used as an annunciator, shall be inspected and tested to confirm operability including the following functions, as applicable.

6.4.1 G - Input Wiring from control unit or transponder is supervised;

6.6.1. - Each data communicated link (DCL) shall be tested to confirm that a trouble signal is received at the control unit or transponder under an open loop fault.

6.6.3 - Where Fault Isolators in data communication links is provided between control units or transponders  and between transponders, introduce a short circuit fault and confirm annunciation of the fault and operation outside the shorted section between each pair of:


Control unit  to control unit;

B Control unit to transponder, and

Transponder to transponder

E.V.S. SM-001 - Is designed to be permanently installed, enabling technicians to perform open, ground or short tests as required, without the potential of damaging costly fire alarm components.

Don't forget to label your EVS test switches.

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