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Fixed Temp Heat Non-Restorable

Please Note: Adopted standards vary from province to province. Please refer to adopted standards within your province.

CAN/ULC S536-13 Standard for Inspection and Testing

Definition of inspected

3.33 - INSPECT (inspection/inspected) - A visual examination to determine that the device or system will apparently perform in accordance with its intended function. - Each field device shall be inspected to confirm the following, as applicable:

A Free of damage;

B Free of foreign substance that inhibits the intended operation of the device;

C Mechanically supported independent of wiring;

D Protective dust shields or covers removed; and

E Correctly Installed - Each Non-restorable heat detector shall have the circuits tested by simulating it's electrical operation at the wiring connection.

E.V.S. SM-001 - Is designed to be permanently installed in close proximity to the fixed temp non-restorable heat detector. The E.V.S is directly connected to the heat detector so that a short can be directly introduced via the short on the E.V.S test switch at the wiring connection.

Don't forget to label your EVS test switches.

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